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This is me and my wonderful boy Neyo. He's one of three black labradors that we have! 

My name is Lea. I'm originally from Boulder, CO but now living in Tampa, FL. I work in the medical field as an office nurse for a specialist. I see sick people in and out all day. I discuss their nutrition and I am shocked by how little knowledge people have in nutrition. So, I began this website and a fan page on Facebook to begin helping others! 

I have always grown up in a healthy eating home but when I moved to Florida my diet changed. I began to eat a lot of processed foods. I began dating my now husband and we enjoyed going out and take out food. My husband was never heavy. He just had a poor diet. I gained 50 pounds in six years while he gained a whole 10 pounds. I know. I wasn't so happy with myself. Thankfully, that's all changed.   

My husband and I were bored one day and hopped onto Netflix. We saw the video for "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and we were hooked. We began to watch more documentaries on foods and health. "The Gerson Therapy", "Forks Over Knives", and "Food Matters". I knew it was time for a change. 

We began our seven day juice cleanse. It wasn't easy. I literally locked myself into my bedroom. I had to detox and it wasn't the most pleasant feeling. It's hard at first. But once you make it past day three, you're solid. I added dinner into my cleanse. Eating only veggies with no oils or butters. Just raw. In the first week alone, I lost twelve pounds. I was elated! After 7 months of juicing, eating a mainly vegetarian diet and staying away from processed foods, I'm proud to say I've lost 45 pounds! I'm down to my last fifteen and it's taking time but with exercise and my diet, it will shed!